A timeless singer-songwriter with a twist of surrealism.


My 2018 album with the Heaven Sent has my most popular songs.
As an intro, please have it FREE -  with all sorts of extras like lyrics, guitar chords and making-of videos!

Cover of album In Another Life by Norman Lamont and the Heaven Sent

Thanks for visiting Lamontations!

I'm Norman Lamont, a singer-songwriter living in Scotland, just outside Edinburgh.

What's on this site?

My songs, obviously. Lots of 'em, solo stuff and records with my esteemed colleagues, The Heaven Sent.

Articles I've written about people that inspired me, from Leonard Cohen to Jackie Leven.  If you like any of these people, you might like my stuff.

If you want to hear my stuff, scroll on down.  

A taster ...


Norman is one of these performers that offers up something a little quirkier than the normal singer/songwriter stuff… a few yarns about things you’d never think to write about, a few animal puns, and a healthy dose of not taking yourself too seriously, mixed with a deep Cohen-esque vocal and some super catchy hooks.’

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