Pest is home for the weekend, lightening the house with her usual sense of fun. Plague has finally let one of his friends hear a little of the music he’s been working on in his room, in strict secrecy, for years, and had a good response. I’ve never heard it, and can’t imagine the circumstances in which he would let me, but I’m pleased for him, because I know how it feels.

I’m reeling under the ‘gift’ of literally hundreds of albums in mp3 format given to Madame by someone she met at work. 80% of it stuff I wouldn’t be interested in, or have never heard of, and I have deep reservations about illegal mp3s, but it’s so tempting to hear albums I’ve known about for years but never got around to listening to. Am I the only person on earth who’s never heard OK Computer?  That’ll soon be remedied but at the moment I’m just picking random tracks from albums to get a taste of them.

When it comes to actually listening to an album I keep coming back to Slapp Happy Casablanca Moon,
which I picked up in London recently. I bought the LP when it came out
in the 70s, unheard, on the strength of a review which referenced the
Incredible String Band. That wasn’t accurate in terms of the sound or
any folky connections, but was in terms of the eclectic mix of sounds,
and sheer playfulness. But then the ISB wouldn’t finish a tango with
‘Better watch his step or sooner or later/ they’ll find his headless
body in a ventilator’.   A few listens and it became a friend for life,
as did their reunion album Ca Va in about 2000. I’ve just ordered an
import of Live in Japan, which I’ve never heard.

Last night, another practice playing along to Lindsay Sugden’s songs. I hope our performance on Thursday is better than when I did the same trick for Rosie Bell. I’ll certainly be taking a different amplifier.

Finally, for a rueful laugh, get Robert Fripp’s New Standard Contract for his bands (scroll down to after the first lot of photos.) It’s the way he tells ’em.

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