10/5/06 Scope

An ‘ugh’ day after a gruelling day in London yesterday followed by a rehearsal that had no inspiration, but had only work to consolidate earlier inspiration.

Today, the madness piles on at work. I rarely feel stressed at work, but I can see it glowering on the horizon. My new Boss of all Bosses launched an email about a project which, to me, is the wrong thing at the wrong time. ‘Not meeting this timescale is not an option’, she said.  I replied ‘In that case are we limiting the scope of the project to what can realistically be achieved in within this timescale?’   She has not replied, but I’m sure the gist of her reply will be in the negative, and firmly so.  Otherwise I like her.

The financial and administration misery from Plague’s ‘small’ accident last week also continues to pile up: a huge excess on the policy because of his age, a whopping amount added onto our next premium because of the claim, and the courtesy car they provided is only provided for a certain time, falling short of the time it’s going to take to repair the car.  We shouldn’t let him out the door.

Apprentice final tonight!  Too close to call for those of us not in the know about the verdict was all recorded and decided ages ago. If pushed I’ll say the Badger, but don’t push.

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