1/06/06 Back in the CSS (Aar!)

Most of the day on the phone, interrupted by Pest getting ready for her school leavers’ prom. ‘Would you know I had false eyelashes on?’ ‘I thought that was your fringe.’  She looked absolutely radiant in her dress. This day has been the focus of her entire sixth year.

About 4pm hit a CSS problem with a list that simply would not lose its margin. A small thing in the scheme of things, but for the first time I’m working to a design by someone else, so I have to get as close as I can. At 5 Madame and I went to a friend’s house to see the prom girls off in their hired limo, then I returned to the CSS. By 9pm I still hadn’t cracked it, so had a rare night at the pub with Plague, which was pretty enjoyable actually.

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