10 August 2005

Down to the Left Bank last night for a first spot at the Left Bank Acoustic Cabaret; first impressions were not encouraging – up several flights of stairs following handwritten notices to a shabby-looking room overlooking the ruins left by the Cowgate fire a few years ago. Harry, who was running it, was friendly and accommodating, however, and the place looked OK once the lights were out and candles lit at the tables. As Impossible Songs started the evening there was a sudden and unexpected influx of bodies. It turned out they’d all come to see the next two acts, who were part of their group, a theatre group from a Westminster school. They were chatty but appreciative of their own, and the two guys who sang were very good. One of them leaned too heavily on his very close Jeff Buckley covers; you could tell he was torn between wanting to do his own stuff but being popular for being a surrogate Jeff. In such a dilemna, it’s not good to ask the audience ‘do you want a Jeff or one of mine?’ – the familiar always wins.

As anticipated most of the audience left after their friends had finished, but a dozen or so remained and a few from downstairs joined as Lynsey and I, assisted by Ross Galloway who’d just dropped in and found a pair of bongoes, ran through a fairly relentless set of all the Innocents’ uptempo numbers from Nicole through Living Water to Dylan. The audience seemed interested, although when one of them shouted ‘how old are you guys?’ I didn’t have the presence of mind to put down a witty rejoinder, nor the recklessness to walk over and deck him.  This was a Good Thing. Schoolkids these days.

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  1. By the way thanks a lot for jamming along on bass with us on the night, I really appreciated the help. Sorry we couldn’t hang around all evening – I had fun up in that odd attic, we’re back next Tuesday. As far as I’ve heard we (including you) probably got the biggest audience so far this week at these sessions.

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