10 December 2005

Madame and the recovering Pestilence went out for the day. I did some housework and went to Tesco’s for the weekly shopping. (You do turn to this blog for excitement and glamour, don’t you?). In the evening a WaveForms gig at the Priory Church in Queensferry. I didn’t publicise this as (a) it’s my first performance since early September and  I didn’t know if I could create anything decent, especially improvised and (b) I was only playing while people came in – the main act were a duo playing 1920s to 1950s jazz and standards on violin and keyboards. The audience were essentially people of an age who remembered these things first time round. I know I’m older than most players on the scene but I wouldn’t want someone turning up expecting the Ballad of Bob Dylan! Anyway I must have been inspired by seeing the Master on Friday because I turned out two of the nicest WaveForm pieces I’ve ever played, and enjoyed busking along with their stuff, when I could follow the chord progressions – they knew how to write chord progressions in those days!

Had an email asking to use Dylan and six of my instrumentals for surf movies. No money, but credit and exposure. I’m seriously considering it.  Hah! If only the surf movie audience could see who made the music – wipeout!

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