9 February 2006

A bright and beautiful day. I sat and had lunch – a sandwich and drink – outside, while I waited for the pharmacist to supply a prescription. The assistant had warned me it might take up to 20 minutes. In the end it took 40, which made the whole trip, walking from home, over an hour. I had a grumble, but enjoyed listening to my mp3 player on shuffle.

The javascript question templates on which I’m working near completion, as I apply CSS layout and formatting to them.

An appointment has been made for me to meet the new head of our business unit in London on Wednesday. I’ve been asked to come ready to talk about:

  • my objectives and deliverables for this year – straightforward and easy
  • my career objectives – simply, I have none, save a wider aspiration to make a living in a manner that is ethical, lucrative and educational. I’d make a career decision on these factors plus, most important, whether I enjoy working with the people I work with. I don’t think such generalities will be what she expects to hear. In fact the word ‘career’ glances off me and falls to the ground over there.
  • my ‘career’ and background to date. That should be a laugh. Not so much a career as a series of opportunities gratefully accepted.

Speaking of which, I had an enjoyable and productive session with Fraser Drummond and John Farrell: three long improvs and two songs, all recorded. We’ll now take the improvs and consider what use we might make of them in other pieces. Top musicians both.

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