10 February 2006

Same stuff at work, quite successful and enjoyable. There’s one template I’ve done, though, that doesn’t work in one of my browsers, only one; when I sent it to a couple of colleagues it worked fine for them. Posted some of the code to a CSS discussion forum and got told off ‘this is a javascript  question, please post it in the correct forum’. Well it was a bit of both javascript and CSS. Exit with slapped wrist.

Listened back to the recordings of the music with Fraser and John and there are bits I’d like to use in one of the songs I’ve been working on.

Went to the ballet Sleeping Beauty with Pestilence. It’s my second ballet (I’d never have gone before she started dancing) and once you accept the mannerisms and the fact that you have to read the programme to know the story, it can be quite exhilarating. The dancers were, of course, beautiful and we had seats in the second row from the front, which made it all the more involving.  At one point when the curtain was down for a set change the orchestra continued and there was the most exquisite, yearning violin solo.

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