10 Match 2006

I thought I was a net-head but when I got to Fraser Drummond’s house last night, he and John were taking part in a virtual folk club, playing live to someone in Connecticut. Strange. We had a successful recording session for Karen Austin’s song Melancholy Baby, which may well be the version that goes on the new Out of the Bedroom CD. Unlike the kind of recording I’m used to, this was four people live round a microphone. Fun and productive. Fraser was on the phone to a friend in the US who said a Moslem student had driven a truck into a school and hit several people; he’d flipped after constant bullying about being a Moslem.

Plague told me of a conversation, or lecture, he’d had in the pub from some senior citizen about how all today’s troubles in the world started because years ago someone called Mad Max invaded some country and butchered a group of people to set an example. Nothing more specific: no idea what he’s talking about.

Today, to Dunfermline for a seminar on e-assessment (or e-ass for short). In the evening a session with Tricia, Sean and Pete, the Band that Dares Not Think Up Its Name, where spirits were up and the music flowed, and we left younger than when we went in.

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