10 September 2005

The opening night of the Arts Festival exceeded expectations, well over 100 people there to view the paintings and sculptures and listen to Caper (a subset of klezmer band Moishe’s Bagel) and Sedenka (an a capella women’s choir). I was glad of the help of Madame and also John and Ali from Impossible Songs at the bar (yes, this church has a bar) where we were dispensing wine and Middle Eastern cookery. We’d stupidly priced the food at 40p and 45p – it takes an innumerate to price goods at prices an innumerate will not be able to add up quickly. I found myself saying ‘Just call it £1.50’ when I couldn’t handle any more.

During the choir’s first set there was an almighty crash. The choir didn’t miss a beat, but everyone up our end of the church immediately saw that a large painting hung directly above the entry had fallen, covering the floor with shattered glass. No-one underneath or we’d be talking about fatal accident enquiries.

This morning, I’m playing WaveForms at the exhibition, this afternoon displaying Ju Jutsu for anyone who wants to see (or try ) it, then a dance display including Pestilence, and in the evening Tommy MacKay, Impossible Songs and the Innocents.

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  1. Re the falling picture: It did occur to me that the crashing picture (above the door!) may have been the work and reaction of a jealous god, one perhaps displeased with an in-church bar and the multitudes quaffing wine in the kirk without it being communion Sunday. But what do I know of God or God’s and their strange little moods and antics?

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