11/5/06 work

A pressured but productive day at work. I seem to be able to manage as long as I write down what I’m going to do – aims for the morning then for the afternoon. I worked a little later than I usually do but not much. Others aren’t so lucky:
J: I’ll have another look at your email tonight after dinner
me: Hah! This is the HR (Human Resources) team who’re always banging on about work-life balance, but I’m the only one who takes it seriously!
J: Lazy bastard!

(He was joking.)

I tried to do some work on recordings but my PC seems unable to play more than a few minutes without the sound going, requiring a reboot. I’ve tried all the normal remedies for this but nothing seems to fix it.

I’ve been asked to play bass on a friend’s Johnny Cash tribute song, to be recorded soon, and some instrumental stuff I sent to Pump Audio for possible use in TV or film soundtracks has been accepted.

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