11 August 2005 – video

The streaming video of last week’s Houdini Box CD launch is now up at http://www.leftbanklive.com/

There’s a set by ‘experimental DJ’ Norman Lamont which, if I say so myself, is quite acceptable.

  • Hungry Ghosts (featuring the Cynthia Roland Robot Ghost Train)
  • If You Had Said (with no harmful additives)
  • Nicole (featuring the Cynthia Roland FootPedal Funk Brotherhood)

After the slightly ludicrous Norman Lamont interview, there’s a cracking Houdini Box set.

Be warned, if your internet connection is as tired as mine you get perfect sound but mainly stills, but if your bandwidth matches the generosity of your heart in supporting this site, you’ll get smooth video.  If you’re a Firefox user – and if not, why not? – you’ll have to switch to Internet Explorer for the video player. My thanks to the LeftBankLive people for putting this up.

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