12/06/06 Jukebox populated

Smooth day at work analysing user feedback on the test version of the redesigned site. Then off to the airport to fly to London. There was a 30m delay on the flight which became a 2h delay, but was alleviated by them allowing us on another flight that was scheduled before the delayed one. Arriving in London the heat was shocking – like landing in Greece or Tunisia. Had an enjoyable meal with Adrian and Deena, in many ways my closest friends; they regaled me with stories like the book launch for record producer Joe Boyd’s book. Full of balding, smart,  cropped-haired men like Brian Eno, one of whom turned out to actually be Brian Eno. After some time a battered old guitar came out and we performed atrocities on a selection of 60s and 70s songs.  Slept on a bedsettee next to open balcony. During the night there was thunder and heavy rain.

Lo! FTP is restored this morning so I can upload to Radio Blog all the wrong files, notice my mistake and upload all the right files. Hope you like the music. The usual comments on my choices will follow when I get back from Lahndon, but there seems to be a characteristic of guest singers on this collection.

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