12/06/06 Ground down and well-healed

Another twelve-hour working day, either teleconferencing or tip-tap-typing and spewing venom at the screen. As long as I remember which one I’m supposed to be doing at any time.

Stopped at 9:30 and went for a walk along a country road nearby. Listened to some Shakti on mp3 on the outward journey and some intermittent and very healing silence on the return journey. Bought some chocolate at the garage and devoured it with unseemly haste as soon as I got home.

I’ll put up some details tomorrow of the Gravy Spiders’ first gig, but I can tell you it’ll be at the Minto House Hotel on Friday 30th June (a week on Friday), along with a string quartet, a soprano, the above two plus three Daves and me, and the Border Boogie Band.

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