<A long day in London at a ’trade fair’ called Learning Technologies in Olympia. Unlike others I’ve been to, this was crammed with people and with stands, and very narrow walkways, and no natural light. Like a North African bazaar, everyone wants to get you into their stand. I saw three presentations, good, middling and poor and a lot of products we couldn’t use in our IT environment. The best I got out of the day was the discussion with my colleague sparked off by some of the things we’d seen, and the chance to reflect on the daily issues from a distance. But overall, I’d didn’t feel there was much benefit to me or my employer.

Oh, and I picked up an excellent book :

Mind Wide Open: Your Brain and the Neuroscience of Everyday Life by Steven Johnson

Back home, learned by email that a friend of a friend, who’d been very kind and hospitable to me a long time ago at a very bad period in my life, had died suddenly. Although I hadn’t seen him for many years, the repercussions are still with me.

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