How did I ever let myself be talked into chairing a festival committee? It’s the sort of role that makes me think ‘they need me to be dynamic, they need me to be decisive, they need me to be ..’  you name it: everything I’m not. Still it looks like it’s happening, because there are enough dynamic, enthusiastic people there (if only they all came to the same meetings).  I just have to remember my role is to keep them focused.

I received a track from Lyndsay Sugden’s next CD with the invitation to play some guitar and general ambience thereon. I did it on Friday night and listened to it today. I think I need to do it again. That session served its purpose I suppose – it showed me where it could go. But not only did it not get there, it barely asked directions. On Saturday I worked on a backing track for the first completely new song – new music and new lyrics – in two or three years. All I did was lay down various bits of rhythm and guitar which, chopped up and spread apart with some space between, then bedecked with vocals, might make a song. At some point in the future – given my normal pace, ten years.

This morning I woke up feeling awake, like I’d actually had the benefit of a night’s sleep. This is rare, and welcome.

Watched the short Out of the Bedroom spot on TV – quite amusing to
think half the singer songwriters in Edinburgh suddenly converged on
the Canon’s Gait that night.  You can barely see a recognisable
shoulder or head-top. Stardom? Discovery? Not tonight chaps. (Tee-hee!)

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