12 February 2006

Sundays have developed their distinct rhythm. An early visit from Madame’s dad, then a quick look at the Sunday papers, which he brings in. Then take Pest to work at the Gyle. Then ‘the mail tray’ where I sort out all the correspondence that’s come in during the week. Most of this consists of shredding offers for loans and credit cards but sometimes there’s something that needs a letter written in response. Then a more leisurely read of the Sunday papers, but I read less and less each week.

At night we had a Chinese takeaway to celebrate Madame’s birthday and, for the first time in months, all four of us round one table.

Practised a version of a favourite OOTB artist’s song for OOTB 200 on Thursday but I haven’t had a response to my request for permission to do it, so it may not happen.

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