12 January 2006

Up at 6 and taxi to the station with Massimo and Loredana. Journey went OK, with leisurely breakfast at the station reading the Times. Got to Luebeck to find doubt about whether the plane could land due to the fog, but, on the second attempt, it did. The rest of the journey was pleasant and uneventful. The stillness of the course carried over, as I was happier just sitting than reading or listening to music.

Wondering a lot about whether I could keep my guitar in the GC tuning – could I manage any upcoming gigs in it? Would I need to buy a second acoustic?  No need to make any decisions as no gigs are forthcoming. I have no inclination to perform, at least performing songs. All my interest now seems to be in improvised music.

Got home and Pest arrived shortly after, looking fetching in a pink headband, ponytail and earrings with clusters of hanging stones. Caught up with correspondence and, in the evening, email. The usual glut of spam – thank goodness for my MacAfee filter. One got through, though, offering me ‘All the pron you can handle!’

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