12 November 2005

A Sky engineer is at the house installing  Sky Plus box which Plague won in a competition. It seems it will enable us to record programmes to hard disk more easily than a VCR (which nobody ever learned to programme, and which died a few months ago); this appeals as does anything that frees our viewing from the schedules and lets TV fit into our schedule. But really I grew out of this stage a few years ago –  now I only look at the paper once a week to see if there’s anything I want to watch during the week. There are lots of things I have half a notion to see, like Jools Holland, but if it’s on too late for me (like Jools Holland) I don’t bother, don’t record it and don’t regret it. TV no longer runs my life like it used to when I was younger; my biggest pleasure in TV is stopping work for lunch and watching whatever happens to be on the History Channel at the time. That said, I waste far more time on the internet than I ever did on TV, and haven’t yet found the right way to control it. I check for email too often, check the same forums too often, and generally follow trails of links far away from my original intention. Intention is the key (to this as to so many other things) – start with an intention,  keep it in mind, and refer to it when you find yourself off on a wild goose chase. What was my intention in starting this activity?

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