13/04/06 Wav goodbye

A day off work. I spent the morning ticking off lots of admin and correspondence that had lain in wait for just such a day. I forced a two-hour block of music making in the afternoon, during which I redid voice and guitar on Come With Me, accidentally deleted a good guitar track, and edited the slide guitar I put down in the first session. A lovely subtle percussion loop I’d used on the first session was among the casualties of my hard disk corruption a few weeks ago and I’ve been unable to find a replacement. Thanks to the kind agreement of Les Makin to provide mastering, I now have a deadline for this collection of songs. The deadline is made less rigid by not committing to a set number of songs by that date.

In the evening, the last Out of the Bedroom at the Waverley, where I compered the first part of the show. It was a successful night, although if I’d been the landlord and heard the comments-in-song of many of the performers I’d have kicked everyone out there and then. But the standard of quality and range of styles of these performers is gratifying. When the audience got so full that people were sitting everywhere on the floor and the feeling of bodily-generated heat became oppressive I left, with a twinge of regret for missing Robin Williamson at the Queen’s Hall. Next week OOTB moves to the Canon’s Gait and the Innocents make their return to active service.

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