Last night I chaired the Arts Festival meeting – it was like herding cats. Most of the committee had sent their apologies, some others came but were late, a local well-known-person whom I was meeting for the first time turned up in a rather excitable state (I was reassured he was not normally drunk) and to cap it all, one of our number found her car had rolled down from the car park into the street, partly demolishing the wall of the hotel, ending up in front of a police car which was attending an incident across the road. It can only get easier.

(I wonder if the first sentence is the longest I’ve ever put on this blog?)

1 thought on “1/3/07”

  1. A truly remarkable occasion. Peerless in my ‘doing my bit for the community’ experience. It was like an episode of The Simpons that had got through the censors.
    i wish it was like that all the time.

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