13/3/07 Robin costume

Browsing an Amazon review of the new album by ex-Incredible String Band Robin Williamson, I was struck by a link below it alongside stuff like ‘Robin Williamson at Yahoo Music’ etc. It said ‘Licensed Robin Costume’.

My mind raced – would this be the flowing capes of 67-68? The pirate outfit he wore when I saw them at the Usher Hall? The ridiculous early 70s pinstripe suits? The tartan trews of his bardic period? Or the starry short sleeve shirt he seemed to wear at every single 90s and noughties gig?  Licensed – by Robin Williamson?

But no – on further reading it was a different Robin – one  who  swung around the Gotham skyscrapers with the man in the black cloak (probably wondering why he had to look such a target in bright red, green and yellow while his boss blended into the shadows). Sometimes Amazon’s idea of targeted advertising works, but it’s more fun when it doesn’t.

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