13 August 2005

Two Rae MacKintosh Music Shop afternoon appearances, one on Thursday with theG.co.uk, rather sparsely attended, but followed by an enjoyable meal at Susie’s Diner catching up with the G and listening to the Decibelles singing their wee hearts out in the corner. On Friday the same venue with Lynsey, doing a violinless, percussionless Innocents set. Some visitors to the shop sat down and or stayed around and seemed to enjoy the set, and a few friends drifted in – Tommy, Karen and Alison Decibelle, a friend of Lynsey’s and two people I hadn’t seen for several years – one from my days at Scottish Widows and Tom McEwan, leading light of the Edinburgh Songwriter’s Showcase, who was looking well.

Last night in the spirit of contradicting the earlier blog statement about TV I sat down to watch some DVDs I’d accumulated. Watched a few songs from Kate Rusby’s concert and a few more from a Dead Can Dance live concert.  Previously  in listening to them I’d been entranced by Lisa Gerrard, but this time I realised how good Brendan Perry is. Like Jim Morrison with talent. (Slight overstatement there, but only slight. I never really ‘got’ Jim, although I’ll admit he danced better than Perry.)

Today, drove to Kelso for family gathering, then back early to take Pestilence to her new waitressing job and in a minute, off to the Left Bank to be Mr Bassman for theG.co.uk.

Tomorrow, playing Leithstock (OOTB at Leith Market) at 1pm, and the Three Tuns in Hanover St with the Houdini Box at 9pm.

Monday, the Innocents are at the Golf Tavern in Bruntsfield at 10.  Too much, too busy!!

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