13 December 2005

Usual routine: 5.50 up, 6.00 meditation and short reading, 6.45 morning journal, 7.15 exercise & wash, 7.30 breakfast, 8.15 computers on, ready for reading blogs, planning work and getting it started. This morning, squeezed in the writing of my ‘abroad’ Christmas cards, for which I’ve consistently missed the last posting date for the last fifteen years.

Today’s practice was to schedule one task I didn’t want to do first, with a time limit on it. That was quite successful, then a long digression following up a bug I’d discovered in an online exam template I’d written.

Chat with my manager, then to the post office to post the cards and bring back a nice sandwich for the still-recuperating Pest. Short guitar practice, then back to work. I’d disagreed with a colleague’s grouping for some links on the home page, so I set out to prove her wrong and come up with a better grouping. I couldn’t and decided hers were fine after all.

Made baked potatoes and various fillings for Madame and Pest (Plague tends to eat his own selection of food) and went out to rehearsal with not-Bespoke. We must all be quite creative types because we tend never to settle on any arrangement, constantly ‘why don’t we this..’ or ‘maybe we should that’. It can be frustrating, but I also feel that I frustrate the other three, who’ve worked together for a long time, by not being a good enough guitarist or not being in control of my effects, which often start feeding back drastically. Left feeling slightly better than last time, but still not sure I’m cutting it. We did have a good stab at a new(ish) song of mine I Was Afraid. After the complexities of the other stuff it was like busking Oasis.

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