13 March 2006

Spent some time at the weekend reviewing all the ‘tower block’ sites on which I have music. You know the kind of things: GarageBand, Scotloads, MySpace, IAC.  They are endless, you wonder who finds your stuff there.  Since some of them cost money to be on, I thought I needed the review. GarageBand has impressed me as the most active, thought-out, and useful. There are a few more I’m now considering having a presence on, but I have my doubts about recouping the membership costs of any that charge and, as for the ‘free’ ones:

Nothing is free if it costs you time

… and a lot of them do, not just in uploading but correcting errors in uploads, correspondence, tweaking etc.

Rehearsal with a reduced Innocents last night. Nelson had marathoned himself into a state of disrepair,and  Lynsey has left the band for the time being, so it was just Mary and Karen, and we spent the time working, productively, on harmonies for Wolf, Fingernails and Come With Me. I invited another friend to add his musical muscle to the band but he has gracefully declined. The new lineup will make its debut at Out of the Bedroom soon.

A phone call from my manager gave me the warm glow of recognition, plus a nice bonus, for which I’m grateful.

Out of the Bedroom committee meeting at night, which was agreeable as always. It’s going to be a big year for OOTB, with a move to new premises, another CD and almost certainly more Festival Fringe activity.

Off to Telford tomorrow for three days training, so may or may not get the chance to blog, I’m sure you’ll understand!

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