13 September 2005

Phone conversation with L on the levels of commitment and courtesy one can expect of band members, and where one should be looking for people who will offer that level of one or the other (can you hope for both?). I suggest that L should be working on her career solo, not as a band, that the band will come later, and probably not in Edinburgh.

Then in the evening, this on Fripp’s site:

For the professional, the (music) industry is a
large part of how you get to where you’re going. For the aspirant
artist, the industry is a large part of what stops you getting there.

Tomorrow at 5:15am, off to Birmingham then a drive to Telford for two days of business grinding. Back on Thursday, I hope in time for Ken MacLeod’s talk at the Arts Festival.

2 thoughts on “13 September 2005”

  1. Great quote by the way. Mr Fripp nailed it. I don’t know anyone inside the business who complains about being there.. they just try to use every aspect of it; it’s many vibrant and possibility-paved avenues, which seem nothing but barricaded roadworks sites, when you are on the outside.

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