Last night’s event at the Priory was a talk on jazz by Jim McIntosh, a retired teacher (I think). For a change this was well attended, and he proved to be an excellent speaker, his love of jazz coming over in an animated and always humorous way. His starting point was John Lennon’s assertion that ‘Before Elvis there was nothing’, which he sought to disprove. The talk was, of course, punctuated by tracks from CDs, of which I most enjoyed Sidney Bechet and Earl Bostick, neither of whom I’d heard. He drew the line, however, at what he called ‘modern jazz’ which in fact started in the 60s with Miles Davis, where the improvisation completely left behind the original tune.  He was in a jazz club at the time, and recalls that ‘everyone started taking to the new stuff, turning their backs on the audience to play in this very introspective way – some even started wearing berets and dark glasses! I got out!’

Came home and felt my mood slipping, as it’s been doing for a couple of weeks, into melancholy and self-pity. Turned to practice, for next week’s Forest Cafe gig. For songs with the loop and delay equipment it’s even harder than WaveForms – one wrong stamp on a pedal and you’re goosed. I have six pedals to worry about. I’m considering the new Loop Station, which itself has 7 (replacing two on my current model). Perhaps a pedal too far.

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