Grabbed some study time (for Javascript) at work, which was good. In the evening went out to see friends Impossible Songs and Confushian at an Emergenza showcase evening. In the dark Jazz Bar, a genial compere tried his best to stir a sparse audience into awareness. The performances were all good, particularly a duo called Radar or The Radars whom I haven’t seen before. Confushian won a well-deserved place in the next round of the competition and, as we were about to leave, mics were rearranged on the stage and a Polish folk band in some sort of national costume took to the stage, explaining through an interpreter that they were going to play some ‘highlandish’ music. A three-string cello and violin provided an unvarying 2/4 rhythm section over which an accordian and an extremely fast violin played melodies. Every now and then they burst into voice. It was interesting at first, but there didn’t seem to be much variety. Still, it was unexpected and welcome and we waited for 20 minutes or so before leaving.

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