Got the new Springsteen album, The Seeger Sessions. It’s a live at home recording of a large band sitting in one room, unrehearsed and playing with great pleasure. Most of the band in the living room, horn section in the hall. There’s a great video with it:

Bruce (tentatively strumming chords for intro of song)

Trombone (in the hall): parp

Trumpet (to trombone): shhh!

Bruce: What was that?  Let’s hear that horn

Trombone: parp parp parp

Bruce (thinks deeply, keeps strumming)

Bruce: Let’s hear the trumpet

Trumpet: noodly doodly

Bruce (thinks deeply, keeps strumming)

Bruce: let’s hear the sax

Sax: baa baa baaa

Bruce: let’s stick with the banjo ! (starts song)

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