14/6/07 Hi Sam

Got an email from Sam Barber, my old colleague from the Houdini Box, about his new material. It’s at www.myspace.com/sambarber07 and well worth a listen. He’s also playing at OOTB tonight.  I’ve got Lynsey’s approval to put some Houdini Box video up on YouTube, which is one of the tasks I’ve had to shelve during the runup to the Ferry Fringe. I’m looking forward to getting some of this material out there, as it’s very impressive.

Now that The Apprentice is over, I wonder if Kristina will do a Badger and be the real winner, despite being the runner-up. Or will it be ‘pantomime villian’ Katy? Somehow I don’t think so – I don’t think she did herself any favours and her fifteen minutes of fame strike me as something she’ll live to regret. Maybe.

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