15/5/06 no name no individuality

Friday evening, the four members of The Band in Bad Need of a Corporate Identity sat round a table with a long list, a short list, a set of criteria and an internet connection in order to name the band – and failed. Three hours later we did not have a name that (a) satisfied all four members and (b) was not taken by other bands with an internet presence. And we now have arrangements for our first appearance. Where to now? Search me.

Sunday afternoon, went to meet Lynsey for coffee and met in George Street wearing almost identical dark striped blazer, beige trousers with lots of pockets (I know there’s a name but I can’t recall it) and even identical shoulder bags. How dare she!

Tapping this out in Birmingham airport after pretty successful meeting for a big project, now heading, via British Airways, to the Handsome Family gig at Cabaret Voltaire.

1 thought on “15/5/06 no name no individuality”

  1. I knew I’d find you at the Handsome Family gig tonight @ Cab Volt.
    Hopefully will remember your profile (with or without ‘tache) so as to be able to pick you out in the dark and say ‘bonjour, comment ca va!’
    Til later…

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