14/6/06 work

A day at work that is slogging rather than inspired, followed by a rehearsal with Gravy Spiders that matches it.  At the end, a brief exchange reveals that we have different expectations of the next few months as a band, and that the issue of a name is still unsettled and spiky. Two don’t want to gig any more after the debut until we have a longer set and can put on our own gig rather than play support to another band. They prefer to rehearse more songs, and do some recording. Yes, I see the reasoning. At the same time, I don’t believe the songs really exist or show the players how they want to be played until they are played before an audience, and more than once. What we are rehearsing, and what we’d be recording, are to me the shells of songs we are yet to really discover. I’ve found with my own stuff that even playing it to an audience of five at a rehearsal reveals things about how the song should be played that I’d never discover on my own. But we have little time and other commitments, so decisions have to be made.

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