15/7/06 Catching up

Still trying to catch up with non-work while working most of the hours in the day. Trying to confirm some Innocents gigs for the Festival period.

Lyns had a birthday get together last night. One of her friends gave her a remote control Dalek, which was the hit of the party.

Did some work in the morning, went into Edinburgh in the afternoon for an errand, then a few more hours work.  I feel like I’ve let a lot of things slip in order to put the hours in on this project, which is going into its final week. Management are getting twitchy and asking me for daily updates on progress and any ‘issues’. Not clear what they’d do if there were any 🙂  All because someone’s said at a meeting with their superiors that ‘oh yes the site will be launched on xxx’ – it’s all about possible loss of face, as the actual effect of the revamp will not be any different if it’s a day or a week later than proposed. The content’s not new, just the navigation and appearance. But managers’ egos are at stake here!

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