15 February 2006

A flying visit (courtesy of ScotAirways) to London to meet the new head of our ‘business within a business’. We seemed to hit it off well. I ascribe part of this to her being Scottish, but it was only later, on the Docklands Light Railway returning to City Airport, that I twigged the extent and nature of that automatic pattern. OK, so we had the same accent. Why then did I also get vibes of commonsense, lack of bullshit, honesty and integrity? Are those her qualities or ones I automatically and unconsciously ascribed to her because of her accent? Time will tell, but it does look rather absurd. Scots are as capable of bullshit, dishonesty and lack of integrity as anyone. I should know, I am one.

With this meeting, and the encouraging interest in several of my initiatives and beliefs, my interest in my ‘professional’ life was growing.  My next meeting was in the cafe at the airport with a high-flying consultant, with whom I’ve worked occasionally, who presented me with a challenge that could have huge positive repercussions for my professional activities for years to come. It’s just a challenge now, but next time we meet it might become a project.

Got home and, as if to confirm this interest, the book DOM Scripting had arrived. Unusually for a technical book, I found it engrossing. This is stuff I’ve been doing, but not with full knowledge or expertise, for years. Within minutes I’d found stuff I’d always wondered about explained clearly. Exciting!

Rehearsal with the Tricia/Sean/Pete project cancelled due to illness; second Rosie Bell recording session confirmed for Friday; learning words for OOTB 200; looking forward to Turkish and Middle East Music Workshop on Saturday.

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