16/04/06 Turpentine is all mine all mine

Most of the morning was given over to painting the showerroom and some of the bedroom. Then a leisurely read of the Sundays (I like the political sections, the arts review and bits of the business section but I’m puzzled how week after week I fail to find anything in the ‘lifestyle’ supplement that I’d want to spend minutes of my life on. Maybe I don’t have a lifestyle.), a quick guitar practice, cook the dinner and off to an Innocents rehearsal, which saw us feeling ready for our two gigs this week, on Thursday (OOTB) and Sunday (Listening Room). You only really get to know a song when you play it to people – I tried a new first verse to Come With Me, which seemed to fit OK, and Love Catch You is beginning to take on some life of its own. These gigs will be mostly new stuff but there are a couple of familiar songs in the set (not Bob Dylan unless my arm is twisted right up my back!).

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