16/06/06 work and oops

A long and fierce day of wrestling with Javascript, as I discovered the neat solution I had invented yesterday wasn’t so neat after all.  Finally succumbed to ‘phone a friend’ and a colleague pointed out something I didn’t know about the use of quote marks in code, which made the whole thing easy. Well now I know. This must be one of the few times I’ve got the answer from a human being rather than Google. Took regular breaks to sit outside or whack the inflatable punchbag I got for my birthday, which stands like a bright yellow phallus in the garden.  I note the impatience that rises, like a sudden bushfire, when I work with the computer, especially when it’s slow. ‘Today would be nice’ I snarl to the indifferent monitor and keyboard. Sometimes I call it a bastard or just gape in  a kind of shocked sense of betrayal. Just noticing it reduces its power but not the feeling of silliness.

Returned to work after dinner and got so caught up I forgot there was a meeting for the Queensferry Arts Festival. Big Oops.

All my summer dilemnas settled, I finally booked flights to Vienna for a Guitar Craft weekend in July, after which I’ll stay for a couple of days sightseeing.

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