One result of a lot of ‘mindfulness’ effort I’ve been putting in recently, what with my normal practice and  Guitar Craft, is the realisation that Norman Lamont isn’t the Mr Laid Back for which he has the reputation, at least at work. No, he is Mr Grumpy with frequent long spells of Mr Angry. This is quite different from how he’d like to think of himself, but the evidence is everywhere. Take last night, driving into Edinburgh for a set at OOTB with Lindsay and Karen. It seemed that everyone in Fife had decided to converge on the A90 at the same time, so it took an hour to get in. All the while I was mentally rehearsing the scenario ‘I get there and we haven’t got a spot’. Preparation for major strop. Why? What need was there to be prepared for that, even if it happened?  We are our behaviour, not our self-image. So I am Mr Grumpy. Hello, pleased to meet you. Now go to Hell.

‘Worry is the misuse of the imagination’ (Norman Lamont 2004)

The actual set with Lindsay and Karen was a joy to do. I hope there’ll be more.

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