16 January 2006

Morning practices resumed, and back to work.

No disasters in the inbox, and no colleagues around for an update chat, so a quiet day of reviewing what’s been done while I was off, doing a small task requested of me, and spending some long-promised time on learning – this time Flash, which I knew how to use a few years ago but had completely forgotten. I had got a book on e-learning techniques using Flash but after the first chapter realised I needed to re-acquaint myself with the basics, and did some of the tutorials that come with it. It was as appealing as I remember it, but – and it’s a big but – makes demands on one’s graphic design skills, in which, in my case, I’m not terribly confident.

After this my concentration had dissipated somewhat and I found myself repeatedly reaching for the comfort blanket of checking email accounts and following web links; had to slap my own wrist a couple of times.

In the evening, Out of the Bedroom committee meeting. Impossible John gave Tommy MacKay and me a lift into town; how to describe Guitar Craft without making it sound like something between a Boy Scout camp and a religious cult? I don’t think I succeeded. Big changes on the way for OOTB, plus the 200th night.

Slight return of desire to perform in public, if only one song.

2 thoughts on “16 January 2006”

  1. helloooo!
    i am now online at home and can therefore bother you on a regular basis from the luxury of my own cave!
    hope all’s well. hope to see you soon

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