16 March 2006

Just back from three days in Telford training with colleagues from my far-flung work team. Friendly and interesting sessions with an excellent tutor from Holland, an expert in The System That Kills With A Single Look.  He was telling us about another team in the organisation who needed a small change made to The System. He knows it’s about an hour’s work at the most. The American company who host The System for us (and who are really the butt of most of our complaints) quoted for this work more than I or any of my colleagues earn in a year!  But because our IT dept signed the contract with this behemoth, we have to use them. Not for much longer, I hope.

IT problems of a different kind here at home: I find myself banned from the Out of the Bedroom discussion forum – and I’m the forum administrator! Some sort of hacking devilry at work I think.

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