17/04/06 Stretching music

A beautiful day outside but  I spent it coming up with visual ideas for a site I’ve been commissioned to do for a work colleague. After jujutsu and picking up Pest from work, I decided to do some music but had a pantomime of grumpiness as my sound card threw one of its ‘not working’ fits, then, as I got everything set up, and after half an hour of experimentation found an acceptable guitar effect for a solo on Come With Me, I started playing and the sound in my headphones started fading. They’re cordless and the batteries were going. I completed two takes of a solo before the sound gave out completely. Not to be deterred I plugged in some walkman headphones but the cord was short, so I had to lean backwards when addressing the controls of the computer or guitar effects, so as not to pull out the cord, then wheel the chair back to get a good playing position when I’d hit ‘record’ then repeat the performance when it was time to press ‘stop’. Unsurprisingly music didn’t honour this bumbling with its presence and the solos were half-assed and unusable. Oh well…

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