The lineup of songs for Romantic Fiction 2 is almost there. Four definites: Nicole, Crying in the Street, When I Went to Your House and Submarine Girl, and two contenders for a fifth track, about which I’ll garner a few trusted opinions over the next few days. Maybe neither is good enough. Maybe both are. Tommy MacKay produces an album a month. I take a year to do four songs. 🙁

On the other hand, you might be interested in No Music Day. Here’s more on that subject. I recognise the sentiments, particularly the amount of attention given to an album then and now. I’ve just bought two at the weekend and feel slightly ashamed that I’ve listened to only half of one of them and the other not at all. Here’s another blog on the same subject.

2 thoughts on “17/10/06”

  1. Ah I know the shame and remorse yet the guilty delight of buying albums. I have a bad habit of denying myself the pleasure until it all becomes too much and i buy around ten at once then take ages to get round to listening to them as they lie around my flat as reminders of my infirmity.

  2. Interesting stuff this No Music Day. There was a huge period in my life where I went completely off music and another period when I just listened to classical stuff. Now, I listen to at least 2 albums a day, thanks to the internet, the bus and my MP3 player. Occassionally I feel saturated but it usually passes. Yes, there is too much out there and I really shouldn’t add to it myself, but I can’t help it – it’s fun. Personally, I would welcome No Speaking Day.

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