Yesterday morning, a massive house-clearing exercise began. While Plague’s been working on his room and getting a new carpet the contents of the room have been spread throughout the whole house, making it an obstacle course worthy of the Royal Marines. Being Plague his participation in this clearup has been minimal.

We then drove to Aberdeen to bring Pest and three suitcases of clothes home for the Christmas holidays. Halfway through the drive home Madame took over the wheel and I scribbled down notes for new ideas for the programming problem that’s been vexing me at work – being away from the desk the ideas came knocking.

In the evening a local community concert: I played some songs and a couple of instrumentals in Guitar Craft tuning, for the first time in public. I didn’t play them particularly well but was glad I had tried. The other acts were a piano and jazz violin duet, a classical soprano and a solo saxophonist, with an unplanned one-song cameo by Impossible Songs.

Today more clearing and shopping in Livingston for Christmas presents and a new suit.

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