17/6/05 work and, er, the weekend

Drive into Edinburgh in the morning to take Madame and Pest to some last minute shopping before Pest’s holiday on Wednesday. Then off to seek a Kwikfit-type place to investigate a noise under the car. Found a National place on Ferry Road, where they removed a broken clip and replaced it free of charge. They had seemed quite sullen, chav-like guys and I was expecting to get fleeced but I was pleasantly surprised. When the foreman said, almost without moving his lips, ‘That’s OK’ in response to my asking how much I owed him, I felt obliged to give a good tip to the young guy who’d actually done the work. He seemed genuinely surprised and pleased. A small kindness in exchange for another seems appropriate.

Madame went to Stirling with her sister to spend the weekend with her dad and walk the Race for Life tomorrow, Did the weekly food shopping then settled down to some work for the afternoon, making steady progress with the site.

Watched Doctor Who, which was funny but almost too eager to be funny, or clever and ironic at least, then Plague and Pest went out and I did some guitar practice then some intensive practice of two Gravy songs ( I can’t believe I just used that name. ) Now I’m going to treat myself to a glass of whisky and watch whatever I can find.

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