17 December 2005

I’ve missed a couple of days due to TypePad being down, but nothing you can’t live without!

Unusually for a Saturday, a day of not leaving the house, except for a quick drive to take Pest to work. Madame was out all day, Pest was working, Plague was too hung over to work, so I looked at the to-dos that had been there for weeks, months in some cases and there among them was a new one, to start on some recordings. This had been written on leaving Out of the Bedroom on Thursday night, having decided that a return to musical activity was now realistic and desirable. But it seemed that all these other to-dos were things that had to be addressed before I could begin any music, so I set out to methodically do or delete them all until I could sit down with a clear conscience to create some music.

This I did, the longest task being the writing of Christmas cards,
at about 8:30.  I’ve decided to work on recordings of two songs – Roadblock and The Chase.
The former is an Innocents song but I’ll probably take it away from the
arrangement I used live, as it was a bit of a plod. The latter a song
that’s been around since the mid 90s but never performed, except to the
Hungry Ghosts band at one rehearsal, where it was obvious they were
wary of it and so was I. It has a narrative lyric with a graphic
description of a violent murder, all the more uncomfortable as it’s a
gang of men killing a woman. But through nearly ten years this song
won’t let me go, and I keep coming back to it in my mind, thinking it’s
a good story, and a metaphor for all sorts of stuff. So I’m going to
record it, although I doubt I’ll ever sing it live.

Afterwards, watched Paul McCartney do a one-man ‘unplugged’ show in
front of a tiny audience in Abbey Road. It was typical Macca, trying
anything, throwing anything together but always with an eye for
entertainment. He’s probably quite infuriating, and you know half of
it’s hokum, but I can’t help liking him.  It’s all so effortless, and
it’s interesting that you can dismiss so much of what he does as you
can see he’s just tossed it out on a whim, but the thing is the good
stuff’s exactly the same.  Last night showed the studio-as-playpen
image in extreme, and who else would have the money and the cheek to
stand with Elvis Presley’s original string bass and sing ‘Heartbreak
Hotel’? Or quickly loop some wine glasses and an Indian harmonium into
an ambient drone and sing, of all things,  ‘Band on the Run’ on top of
it? He’s a big kid, but he’s fun.

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