18/04/06 Diesel and Hoegaarden

A fairly meticulous and slow day at work, perked up by a visit from Dougie the financial adviser, who always brings a cheery presence. After tea, about to settle down to some web stuff then some music stuff, came a call from Plague whose work van had run out of diesel. Would I get a jerry can of diesel and drive it to him in Edinburgh. This I did, listening to the Elvis covers CD from last month’s Mojo. The van still wouldn’t start. Eventually we had to take the van keys to Plague’s boss, then drive Plague to pick up his car in Morningside. When we got back he wanted to take me for a pint to say thanks. It was the first time I’d been out with my son to the pub, and we went to his regular, meeting a pair of guys he’s become friendly with, rather like the Still Game pair. I decided to try Hoegaarden white beer, just because I’d never seen it before, but it wasn’t great. It prompted some good stories out of the two old fellas, though.

Ben’s become enamoured of the box that Plague got new shoes in at the weekend. He only leaves it for food.
Cat in a shoebox

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