At work I rediscover what an absolute pain it is to achieve a simple multi-column layout using Cascading Style Sheets. It should be so simple and there’s lots of ‘do it this way’ advice around, but they’re never quite what you need and tend to break when you introduce new elements. I did it, but it took so much time – silly really.

Then to a brief rehearsal at Fraser Drummond’s house of a second song with Karen Indigo Rose for the OOTB CD launch next week. Fraser, John and I are now ‘The Thorns’! It’s a nice song, and came together quickly, given that I had to leave early to pick up Pest from work. As we find in so many walks of life, having a deadline focuses the mind. Why then don’t I have a deadline for my next CD?  Because there’s such a thing as realism too.

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