Saturday was the last day of the Arts Festival. The afternoon events were quite well attended, including a writing workshop which I took part in. In the evening there was a ceilidh; as the evening began the band outnumbered the guests, which was excruciatingly embarrassing, but a few more people arrived and by the end it was like a small private party and worked OK. The band were good – they came from a mental health project and some of the players had learning difficulties but they could certainly play and provide a good range of music.

Yesterday we drove Pest to Aberdeen to help her move into her student hall. She was understandably nervous, and battling to conceal her disappointment at her actual room which resembled a prison cell – tiny, with painted breezeblock walls and a view onto the roof of a derelict factory.  However the other students were very friendly and welcoming and her best friend is in the next room; volunteers were everywhere to welcome the freshers, carry their luggage and generally be pleasant. It was quite a turning point in both our lives and an affectionate au revoir. In the evening I slouched into TV mode, watching Blackbeard and two episodes of Spooks. Thinking of Pest and of stuff I should be doing instead, but calculating it’s better to get the TV stuff watched at one sitting then spread it through the week.

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