17 January 2006

Lots of phone discussions with people at work, catching up. Great dissatisfaction with The Hulking Great System our betters have seen fit to burden us with. The chief architect of our doom seems to be about to leave the organisation; my manager is annoyed that the chief architect will not have to an answer for his decisions and unfulfillable promises; perhaps the fact that he was sidelined into a highly paid but out-of-the-way job in the last restructure was his payoff. My manager is now getting fed up receiving all the flak and trying to negotiate with Our American Partners, and is saying he’ll only give it so long to improve and he’ll be off. Worrying.

In the meantime I try to fill my bits of the colour-by-numbers. Quite focused and disciplined effort in the morning, a good guitar practice at lunchtime and, in the afternoon, more effort but less achievement. I seem to lose focus or energy a lot in the afternoon.

In the evening, install FL Studio 6, a free upgrade, and muck around with it for 20m but not in any serious way.  Listen to Pestilence’s pieces for her Young Musician of the Year heat tomorrow night; she doesn’t want to be in the competition and although she works diligently (as she does at anything) she doesn’t like me telling her to slow down, to position her hands differently etc and goes off to do something else.  Plague comes in, showing me how the person who broke into his car yesterday gained entry. No damage done, but the feeling of violation and the worry about leaving his car there every day while at work.

Trying to learn chords and scales in New Standard Tuning.

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