Back from a week away from the net, mobiles – even electricity! The week was in a setting of extraordinary beauty, very physically and emotionally demanding and ultimately rewarding. I don’t intend to say any more here about it, but anyone who wants to know anything can ask me privately.

I came back to pelting rain and the news that, just after I left, Plague trying a new printer with my PC had corrupted Windows to the extent that it had to be reinstalled. He didn’t want to do this without telling me so we set about it this morning. The result is that virtually every application has to be reinstalled but, more seriously, there seems to be a corruption in the CMOS of the PC which means that during bootup it sits doing absolutely nothing (if only I could do that) for almost three minutes.

What this means for my current music work is unknown – I’ve lost no data but, until I install software, the ability to edit anything. This might be an appropriate message for Fiction 2 – it is ready to be handed off for mastering. Yes, I think that is the message. Enough is enough. Also came back to the news that a close friend has had a baby girl and that mother and daughter are well and happy.

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