From Robert Fripp’s blog:

A deeply-ingrained aspect of Englishness
is, regrettably, envy. Resentment of others, notably those we imagine
to have something that we do not, seems to permeate the natives. Who do you think  you are? is the question addressed to those who are perceived to be  aspiring to a position a little above  their station, who have forgotten  their place.
To aspire to the mundane, to the average, to the unexceptional, is a
laudable aim in English affairs, and more than should be kept close,
private & unspoken. If an English person pursues excellence, in
itself an American expression, then they had better be prepared to meet
the animosity engendered especially in those who believe they know us
best; that is, family, friends, acquaintances & persons of the
locality. A mere ordinary-animosity is the province of those not
intimately or closely connected to the perceived-personage.

And I thought that was just Scotland …

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  1. … and that’s what we Canadians say about ourselves. The old story is that to be considered any good, you first have to go across the border to the US of A and make it there.

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